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Una Odisea Coreana: 1x1

Episodio 1

Jin Sun-mi, as a young girl she can see what others can’t. She befriends two what she believes to be fairies, Son Oh-gong and Woo Hwi-chul, which in real are an old god and a demon, she strucks a deal with the demon to get a contract with the god to protect her from the monsters she sees, tricked by the mischievous god he steels her memory of his name leaving her alone in a world full of evil to fend for herself. Jin Sun-mi meets them again in the future and much to her dislike she is taken by the spirited Son Oh-gong and yearns for his protection. What she don’t know is, that he is as dangerous as he is charming. Woo Hwi-chul is doing his best to protect her from both himself and his rival Son Oh-gong.

A Korean Odyssey: 1×1
A Korean Odyssey: 1×1
A Korean Odyssey: 1×1
Dec. 23, 2017