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W – Dos Mundos: 1x10

The World Controlled By The Killer

The killer takes Seong Moo’s face and demands that he follows his orders. He becomes invincible and almighty in the W world and starts committing a massacre. The killer even fabricates a piece of evidence that makes Chul the killer of his own parents 10 years ago. Chul has now become the suspect of the massacre on top of his own disaster, and ends up being chased by the police with Yeon Joo.

W – Dos Mundos (W – Two Worlds): 1×10
W – Dos Mundos (W – Two Worlds): 1×10
Aug. 24, 2016

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  • Cecilia Ramírezoctubre 14, 2019Responder

    Donde esta el capitulo 10? No hay video😭

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